Gigi Chen

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Born in Guang Dong, China and raised in New York, Gigi Chen creates an aesthetic that combines her training as a traditional animator and her love of Old Master techniques.  Gigis motto is simple: Love + Fun = Art. Gigi first exhibited her work in New York at Deitch Projects as part of the ARTSTAR reality based television program. Gigis exhibition credits also include the Queens Museum of Art, Mighty Tanaka Gallery and Stephen Romano Gallery in New York. Gigi Chen attended the School of Visual Arts in NYC where she received her MFA in traditional animation and created award winning animated shorts. Chens most recent work is based on her empathetic reaction to the Bower Birds story. The little male songbird can spend up to a year collecting twigs, berries, and small objects in order to build beautiful elaborate nests, all in the hopes of attracting a mate. Lush settings, depicting objects Chen collected or scenes of a Luisiana swamp are interwoven with pattern. Gigi states, “We are all driven by the ideals and relentless toil of passion, desire and hope. Some just show it off."

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