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A child of rock n’ roll and pop culture, Ashley Gallagher places her focus on the quirky images created in her mind and the real life situations in the world around her. With her friends as models, she uses photography to capture the perfect scene to use as a reference. This process is integral as this collaboration provides her with moments to draw more inspiration and to gain a special insight into her overall focus of the piece. Pop culture, music, friends and even strangers on the street serve as a main influence for her to create images that evoke humor and nostalgia. Some of her most recent work has evolved to also include her pro feminist point of view. Using fantastic and vibrant oil paint reminiscent of her native San Diego, she creates a bold and electric tableau. Ashley received a Bachelor's degree in Studio Arts with an emphasis on painting and printmaking in 2007 from San Diego State University. Her work has been displayed in galleries in San Diego, New York and Los Angeles.

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